April 22, 2012

Why my people make me laugh

Matty to our grey cat: "You are an orange cat on a black and white TV"

Noah to Mommy after climbing off of the sideboard/buffet: "See, I didn't break any bones!" (I told him he could climb up there as long as he didn't break his leg falling off).

While reading Noah a story about Joseph (son of Israel and the boy whose brothers throw him into a pit and sell him as a slave), I'm interrupted by Noah: "Mommy, they are mean! They are (long pause) they are SINNING!" He says, triumphant and giddy at recalling the word. Me: "Yes! Yes they are!" Noah: "Yeah. Sinning. That's the spanish word for disobeying."

Talking to himself in the bathroom, apparently impressed: "It's a whole family of poops!"

Matty to Abby after looking over a graded book report that received 100% M: Abby, I noticed you did a horrible job on your book report. A: I know, I'm so ashamed of myself.


Bronwyn said...

Sinning is the Spanish word for disobeying? Hilarious!! We have got to get Teg and Noah together. They will crack each other up!

Melanie said...

Love these and your family. I could imagine it all.