October 2, 2012

The Girl is on a roll!!

What a start to the school year! It is a pleasure to share that Abby is having an AMAZING 5th grade year so far.  She was quite anxious before it started (after a big move) but I cannot imagine it having begun better than it has.  She was chosen out of all 5th grade classes (eighty one kids) to read a poem on 9/11, she has brought home projects with accolades from her teachers (including one that read "Best in 5th grade!"), has run for and been elected to student council, landed a solo for the musical, and just yesterday brought home a ribbon and letter announcing that she was named her class' PAL student: Principal's Award for Leadership.  She was singled out for her kindness and excellent citizenship in class.

Seriously, what a shower of praise and blessings on this girl, who really needed it this year.  School has not been easy for Abby, emotionally. Grades have never been a problem, so often she flies under the radar for most teachers even if she is having a rough time emotionally; but she is maturing into a bright and sensitive, but able to cope, little woman!  This morning Matthew and I had our parent teacher conference with Abby's teachers and they were beaming about her performance, her creativity, her love for her family evidenced in comments in class, her consideration of others, and the way she exemplifies kindness and self control in the classroom.  Matthew and I are SO PROUD of her. SO thankful to God for these encouragements and praises for Abby's efforts.  We long for her to know how loved and how capable she is, and this year she is blossoming in her environment.  There will be challenges and struggles for sure, but when the sun shines I hope we can all bask in it with gratitude, for it is GOOD to give thanks for these gifts!  And I hope that Abby will be able to draw on these experiences the next time she faces adversity and anxiety that feels so burdensome.  Way to go Abbs! What a great start to the year, sweet girl!!!!

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Kate Kootstra said...

Tears are gushing down my face as I read this! I am so incredibly happy for these blessings for Abby! Praise God! She is one INCREDIBLE lady! Wow, I could not be happier for her! Love you guys!