August 20, 2013

an outing

We made it down those stairs! GULP.
We heard from friends about an amazing spot in Berkeley called "Indian Rock Park" and then discovered that it is a seven minute walk from our house!  So yesterday the kiddos and I packed a lunch and trekked over. Wow, what a view from the top!  We could see Marin, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland--the whole bay stretched out in front of us.

It was good to get out of the house for a little bit. We're weary of unpacking, and Abby in particular has expressed some trepidation at venturing out at all, so it was time to try something close but different.  The stairs cut into this rock are steep! I led the way and Abby followed Noah (holding his shirt sometimes just in case).  We kept telling Noah to keep his bum down and his head leaning in toward the rock and not toward the drop.  We watched a rock climber freestyle his way up a vertical climb and decided that he was quite like Spider Man: flexible, strong, graceful, and somehow able to stick to a wall of rock that should be impossible to climb.

I think this might be a favorite spot to bring friends who visit and who want a little adventure and a BIG view!
Noah would scramble up as far as we'd let him...

Abby looking at the Bay Bridge. Daddy works over there on the other side of the bay!

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