August 22, 2013

Getting Here

It was no small feat getting our family back to California after having just moved from Princeton to Houston a little over a year ago. We are weary of moving; relocating is not high on the list of things that we do well. But we were carried along by a community of people who love us, and we are grateful.  I want to say thank you:

To everybody who prayed for us and talked with us through a huge decision with the job transition. It wasn't an easy choice to make.

To the Jonathan and Maridyth Wiles for letting us use your car and washer/dryer while you were (are) in Africa.  We need a proper farewell, but maybe it's appropriate we didn't really say goodbye...

To Greg Alexander, Quique Autrey, Todd Haberkost, Meredith Maines and Mark Vogan for tremendous packing help.

To Rachel Alexander and family for meals, emotional support, and playdates.

and on the Cali side:

To Mom, Flip, Aunt Andi and Cousin Alec for loving on the kids and keeping them for days during our house search, and then for driving them the 7 hours to us!
Apparently the kids love to swim!
To Flip, for a memorable and long-awaited walk on the beach. Boy how I have missed those. Glad we saw some dolphins :)

To Bron, Jeremy, Teg, Callum and Declan Lea for welcoming us to Berkeley with hugs and flowers, and for bringing dinner to us :) and gluten free brownies. How sweet!

To Jamie C. of Berkeley for lending us your minivan so we could buy a mattress at IKEA. THANK YOU! Wood floors are so hard.

To Brent, Katie, William, and Lucy Webster for letting us crash at your house for nearly a week while you were out of town!  It was SO helpful.  And for a marvelous dinner and laughs that helped all of us feel more at home in this new town.

There are many more friends out there who have helped us in myriad ways, some I bet we don't even know.  Our heart-felt thanks to all of you!!

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