August 23, 2013

Houston Quilts

Even though the year in Houston flew by, I had time to make some quilts.  A lot of this was done while Matthew was out of the country and during the first couple months while both kids were in school.  That was short lived, of course, since we decided to pull Noah from Kindergarten to give him one more year at home before trying again.  So, I had this little season of time just to create...(and play flute too, which was so fun for me, and such a stress reliever).  There are a few little quilts that I can't find pictures of--including one fun "Very Hungry Caterpillar"quilt for a sweet little baby boy.  And lots of other sewn things, but for now, here are some of the big projects I completed:

Geometric color study for Sarah, the artist.

Spider Web "Maple Leaf Rag" quilt top. This one isn't quilted yet...

Cross quilt for Emma

Feather quilt for Hannah (Abby wants one like this now!)

detail of the hand-stitching around the feathers

"Swoon" quilt for Jim

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