August 28, 2013

Sixth Grade and Kindergarten (part deux)

I wanted to wait till the end of the day to post about the kiddos' first day of school, mostly so that I could give a report about what they thought about it!  Abby started Middle School today!  6th grade.  She was super nervous about all of the newness and wanted to homeschool actually.  Matthew walked with her the 1 mile trek this morning. Abby says: "It wasn't too far." Took them about 17 minutes.  They run a mile every Wednesday at school too, so she's gonna get some exercise this one!  She likes her teachers, says the lunch room is great (it's state of the art and really beautiful. If I can find a picture I will post it, but it kind of looks like a hip restaurant-big wood beamed ceilings, huge windows, wood tables and benches (dinner table sized), and very good quality food.  She gave it a thumbs up and said middle school is a lot better than elementary school.

I picked Noah up and he beamed, headed over with a paper bag hand puppet raccoon, and talked all about how school was "fun, pretty much fun."  He's not a fellow of many words but he told me it was much better than he expected.  He gave it a big thumbs up, talked about how his teacher was kind, and how the kids were much quieter than the kids in his class last year.  Noah is starting in Kindergarten here because we pulled him from K. last year. He just wasn't ready or thriving so we took him home.  He seems so much more ready to fly this year and we are so happy for him. Oh, yes, he also got a scratch and sniff minty sticker that he is very proud of. ;)

I will admit to crying buckets this morning. It wasn't an easy morning, and this hasn't been an easy season or transition. It's a big change for everybody, and I'm praying and hoping for the best year yet. Day ONE. A success for the littles, and we're all so so grateful for it.

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